Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

I won’t sit here and pretend that I have never told a lie. But, I have always found it perplexing that in our society being honest is rude and lying is construed as being kind. People lie to themselves to just get through their everyday lives, or to feel better about their past poor choices. Politicians lie to keep or gain a position of power. Companies lie about their products, or their values, to keep making money. And, so on.

I tend to lean towards truth. Brutally so. To a point that some people cannot handle it. When I was 15, I decided I would no longer deny reality just because other people refuse to deal with it. If you lie to someone to save their feelings, and then later on they found out you lied, what happens? You guessed it, they get their feelings hurt anyways, and it is usually worse. So, what does lying really accomplish?

If you are looking to be told things are not as bad as they are, then do not ask me. You will be disappointed. And, if you have some terrible news for me, please don’t spare my feelings by lying. Whether it is something big like I’ve only got two days to live, or if it is something small like my meatloaf sucks. Because, once I find out you were lying, whatever amount of respect I had for you at that point, will quickly start to fade away.


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A Moment in Time

IMG_1953 resized

Audrey, our daughter. Waiting for Daddy to come home.

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It’s All About Timing

IMG_1957 resized

Airplane Landing at DFW International Airport, passing construction

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Tree Vision

IMG_1947 resized

Line of Trees at DFW International Airport

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In the past couple of months. Audrey, Tony and I have all had quite a few firsts…Here are some of the highlights:

Image                                Audrey’s First Art Museum @ Dallas Museum of Art 


Image                                        Our First Encounter With Mini Horses and Donkeys


Image                                Audrey’s First Veggie


Image                                        Her First Easter


Image                                        Our First Water Garden


Image                                        Her First Picnic at a Park


Image                                 Audrey’s First Lake


This is only the beginning, my sweet little munchkin! We have SO much learning and exploring to do. The sheer amazement and wonder, and joy on your face when you experience something new is one of the best things I have ever been witness to. You inspire me in so many ways, and I hope that one day you feel the same about me.




Why So Serious?

So, I was coming out of Target the other day, and I witnessed the funniest and the saddest thing all at once. It was raining off and on all day, so everything was pretty soaked. This little boy, who was maybe ten years old, was going in with his mom. Out of nowhere, he jumps and sprawls on top of one of the big red balls outside of the front door of Target, and sings, “I came in like a wrecking ball!!!!”

It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. I was laughing pretty hard, actually. My eyes got all watery. He sees that I am watching him and for a split second, seems embarrassed. But, once he realized how funny I thought he was, he was quite proud of himself.

I keep walking, laughing the whole way. Then, all of the sudden, his mom starts yelling at him. “Why did you do that?” I mean, she was really screaming at him. She said, “Now, your pants are all soaked! Now, you can’t go in the store, and you’re not getting in my car all soaking wet!”

So, I’m thinking so what? Are you going to make him stand outside in the rain? I mean, here this little guy is giving us comedic gold, and all his mom could do was scream at him. I get that yeah, now he may look like he peed his pants, but, he didn’t. And, I know, who knows what kind of day that mom was having? But, come on. That should have cheered her up.

The more I have think about this, because it stuck with me for some reason, the more it bothers me. I feel like parents like that suck the funny and curiosity out of their kids. I truly hope that no matter what life throws at me, or takes away from me, that I will never be so angry at the world that I crush Audrey’s spirit.

Hopefully, seeing how funny I thought he was sticks with him somehow. Because, honestly, he was funny. And, I bet that he tries to express it all the time and gets in trouble for it. His mom struck me as an angry woman. But, like I said, who knows what kind of day she was having, and maybe she is not always like that. I hope for his sake, that is true.

I look forward to Audrey getting dirty and being silly. Things can be replaced. Clothing can be washed, presoaked in OxiClean sometimes maybe, but they can be cleaned. Those moments when she is at her silliest, or most curious, those are some of the most important moments of both our lives.


Well, it has been quite some time since I have thought about writing; let alone had time to write. Audrey keeps me pretty busy! She recently turned three months old, and she is AMAZING! Motherhood is unlike any other adventure I have been on. It does not, however, leave too much time to process worldly issues or write about them.

But, Audrey has a great temperament and is starting to entertain herself a little bit more every day. So, since I am working from home and it is part-time, I will be devoting a little time to my creative outlets again.

Those who know me well know that I was always very ANTI-having kids, for as long as I can remember. I had my reasons. I know that I am not the first person to say that. And, I know I will not be the first person to say this, but I am saying it anyways…Audrey is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. Becoming a mom is the BEST thing I have ever done.

Tony is a great dad. I knew he would be. Audrey lights up every time she interacts with him. As easy as Audrey has made things on us thus far, that does not mean we have not had rough moments as we’ve came through these first 3 months of being parents. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you that parenting is easy) And, I know that we have years of trying moments to come between the happy ones. But, that’s life and I think that we make a good team, and we will be able to grow as Audrey grows.

I look forward to watching her learn about herself and her surroundings. One can only hope to fill their child with wonder and curiosity for the world around them. Audrey already strikes me as smart and determined, and funny. Spending a lifetime exploring the world with her and Tony is something I want more than I ever thought I could ever want anything. Life is funny that way.




Well, hello out there!

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Due to recent life events, I have not been very focused. A lot of people know already, but we recently found out we are pregnant! I am days away from the second trimester.


This of course is great news! Tony and I are both excited, and so are our friends and family. I have been fortunate mostly in how I feel, but I have had a few rough days. It has made me less excited about riding in a car for extended periods of time looking for things to shoot. I did have a great weekend a couple weeks ago where I felt ‘normal’ enough to venture out. So, we took full advantage. These are a few things we came across:

Raw Talent, Ennis TX

  Field of Green

Taking Flight

Penguin, Dallas Zoo

Chimpanzee, Dallas Zoo

After almost year and a half of constant pain, Tony finally had his disc replacement surgery.


This is also VERY good news. He is still healing, but already feels better. He has a long road ahead of physical therapy, but it will all be worth it.

I plan on taking advantage of the ‘ease’ of the second trimester and getting in some simple pleasures while I can! We know we are in for quite the adventure, but we will be as ready as we can be. We have to get be, right?



Back in February, we decided to start a small garden. Living in an apartment does make this a bit more challenging, but not impossible. We started out with a Burpee sprouting system. It is a very basic system, but it has proven to be the best solution for us.


When I was growing up I was responsible for a lot of the garden work at my mom’s house, but it’s been so long that this feels like learning how to use my green thumb for the first time. It’s rewarding to know that pretty soon we will be eating vegetables and herbs that we grew. We basically chose to grow what we will use all the time. Cooking is something that happens a lot around here and tomatoes, cilantro and onions are staples for us.


Once our sprouts started really, well, sprouting, it was time to transfer them.


Turns out gardening is like riding a bike. Once you’ve learned, the knowledge is there. Plus there are always local nurseries, the internet and magazines like Mother Earth News. Yes I am name dropping, but simply out of gratitude. It has been an inspiration since a fellow bus rider in Long Beach, WA told me about how informative it had been for him.


For me having a garden is a win-win. I have learned that photographing the plants is just as exciting and fun as waiting for them to grow. The detail and life being captured in each image has me captivated every time.


Tony has also found a secondary thrill in our garden. The art of Bonsai. He is getting pretty good at it too. It will be interesting to see how it progresses through the next couple of months.


This garden has us both thinking on a grander scale. Why doesn’t every community have at least one community garden? If you contribute time and effort, then you share the rewards. If you do not participate, then buying at a local farmers market could be an option. There are communities currently practicing sustainability, but not enough. Something to aspire towards…

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Puppy Love


We recently adopted an adorable blue heeler/lab mix puppy. Bianca is what we call her, BeeBee for short.


It has been quite the adjustment for our one year old wire haired terrier (terrorizer) mix, Bodhi. It’s funny how similarly awkward their first encounter was to that of humans.


Bodhi tried desperately to assert his dominance, but was quickly made aware that Bianca had no desire to let that happen. She has been giving him a taste of his own medicine since a few hours after we brought her home.


Despite his best efforts, I think he loves her already. It will be interesting to see how things progress for them as she exceeds him in size, and possibly strength. Something tells me Bodhi will still consider himself the protector of our pack, and Bianca will just keep letting him belief that…

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